M Y   S T O R Y

As a little girl, I often wandered into the backyard, with my mom there weeding in the garden. I loved to pick the stems and place them in a jar and put them in the house.  Holidays and days when the family was gathered in large numbers, there was (and still is) nothing I loved more than making the table look nice.  

Fall of 2010 I made my first big camera purchase, a Nikon DSLR. I had that thing strapped to my hip - everywhere I went, it went with me.  I wasn't sure how to use it so I frequented online videos and B&N for help.  I started snapping and sharing, and friends began to enlist my help for photos of family members. Thank you to my sweet, sweet cousins for entrusting their wedding portraits to me; a feeble novice. I look back at my work then and chuckle.

In 2012 I wandered onto this newfound photo sharing app called Instagram and within the next few years I saw creative bliss beyond my comprehension.  I wanted to try all the things, but time was surely not in my favor.  Every summer since then I have sought to do something creative yearly, monthly, weekly.  Yoga is some people's sanity and keepsake.  Mine is art.  

In this place I wish to share not one, but a few of my treasured past-times and current loves.  My services are open but not limited to calligraphy, portraiture, floral design, tabletop styling and teaching.  Send me a message and we'll meet for a cuppa.

I look forward to working with you.

xo S A R A H