Seasons of Change

Well hey friends!  Its been a while...

I have a short break from the busyness of school, and I just wanted to hop on here and let you guys know whats been happening around the house on H street!

Miguel is doing great, and he's almost done with his Masters program.  I am super proud of that guy for pushing through while maintaining a full-time job!  I'm starting to think of possibly planning a fun, intimate gathering for his graduation in the spring.  I'll keep you updated on how that goes.  He's taking off to Alaska with his brothers for a week, which will kind of double as a graduation present as well, so i'm glad he gets to have something to look forward to next summer!

As for me, I'm still plugging away at finishing the semester.  All has been going good with classes.  I'm meeting so many wonderful, new sweet friends, and great professors that are very humble and knowledgeable, which has made this experience twice as great.  I feel very lucky.  I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. Its been hard to put away the creative stuff for a bit, and saying "no" to project offers is tough, but I remind myself often that it's only for a short time.  Overall, its been a wonderful, enriching experience!

Creative Updates:

I was beyond excited last month (October) to find out that our photoshoot we held over the summer was scheduled to be published on Wedding Chicks.  It's a huge honor, especially because I have never created anything that has been published before!  The gals we worked with were so great!  Everyone was so gifted and just all-around wonderful people!  The spirit of the whole day was just inspiring!  If you didn't get the chance to see the publication on Wedding Chicks, you can read it here. I'm dreaming up ideas for a publication next summer.  French country-inspired.  Can't wait!

The house has been quiet and busy lately, but things will be winding down soon.  As for the remainder of the season, I'm looking forward to lots of relaxation and downtime with my husband, friends and family... plenty of coffee, and indulging in delicious food and desserts, because... that's what holidays are for!  :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

xo Sarah





images courtesy of Sarah Schweyer Photography

My Home Office Tour!

This is where I spend most of my time during the week.  Whether it's sending emails, taking care of college stuff, sketching logos for clients, or editing photos, it all happens in here... that is why I really wanted to create a space that I loved working in!  I've pulled a few items together from a variety of places; some were from Amazon, some from IKEA, and others were just items I had laying around the house that JUST worked for pulling something together.  Since my husband is an elementary PE teacher, there is never a shortage of clipboards laying around.  They make perfect organizers for clippings from magazines that have recently inspired me, as well as little notes I jot down from recent emails.  This space is still a work in progress, but I love how far its come.

I'll link all of the information below.  I hope you have a wonderful week!


xo -S

DesksWhite Eames Chairs / Vintage Stamps  / White Canvas Drawstring Bags / Mini Gold Scissors / Desk Paper Holder / Cotton Drawstring Bags / Utility Cart / Wood Hangers / most paper items such as envelopes are from Paper Source / all other items such as thread and vintage scissors were thrifted locally / The magazines hanging are as follows; Flutter Magazine, Pacific Weddings MagazineCottage Hill Magazine, and Flutter Magazine

Calligraphy Class!

Want to learn the basics of calligraphy? Join us for a fun morning learning together at Sweet Jean Studio in Roseville! The class is on November 7th at 10 AM. The class will meet in a vintage natural lit studio hosted by Jeanie of Sweet Jean Photography. Light snacks and drinks will be provided. Stay after the class to chat and demo a few products I have on hand as well! Registration will open on October 1st. I will be posting a link to the registration form on my Facebook page, here on the website, and also on Instagram. There are only 8 spots available, so register as soon as it opens! Please tag and share if you'd like!

I can't wait for this fun day full of creativity and community! I hope we get to see you there!


Summer Projects: Grey Watercolor Suite

Hey, hey!

Lately I've been obsessed with wedding crests, so I made some samples of my own.

...and then I ended up making an entire wedding suite.

What do you think?

Leave a comment below!

xo Sarah

white cotton savoy paper // Paper Source

black watercolor tube // Windsor & Newton - any craft store

Designer Spotlight: Kali Cavanagh

You guys.

I think I've found my next vacation spot.  I mean, come on.  It's just too chic to pass up.

The Vintage House Daylesford is an 1860's restored miner's cottage on the border of Daylesford and Hepburn Springs, Australia.  The designer, Kali Cavanagh is brilliant in my book.  She did such a wonderful job of decorating this house while keeping it's original charm.  The house is industrial from head to toe.  What I'm loving about this style is that it's simple and organic.  It looks amazing and doesn't require much but simple walls and rustic elements.  Kali Cavanagh, i'm diggin' it.  I now know how I want to decorate my first home.


Images by Armelle Habib

Summer Projects

It's summer y'all

....and it's going way too fast.

Lately I've started working on a new set of items for the shop, as well as a new pricing guide for custom ordered items.  It's all a work in progress, but I'm excited for what I will have to offer coming this fall.  On that note, I'd like to say that it's official.... I'm moving out of logos and computer work and into handlettered, organically made products.  I'm excited for this new journey, but i'm also very glad that I got to have the experience of creating logos for all my loyal, wonderfully kind customers on Etsy!  Thanks for being with me on this crazy journey, and I hope that I get to serve you all in the near future for all your handlettered goods!! : )  Visit the shop to see all of our new listings coming out very soon!  Keep in touch!

xo Sarah

SF inspired wedding suite with a custom map

Handlettered tea towels

Custom handlettered place cards

July Calendar: Free Download!

Hey Y'all!

July is just about here and I wanted to do something fun and different this month.  Below are downloads for 3 free iPhone home screen downloads!  Have a convenient, unique, hand lettered calendar for the next month, right on your iPhone home screen!  Just click the link below to download.


xo Sarah

capitol park calendar

sunset stroll calendar

tree portrait calendar

Client Spotlight: Kelly Bermudez Art

Hi everyone!  I wanted to share with you my most recent website creation!  Kelly came to me in need of revamping her blog and combining it with her website to make one beautiful place to house all her work and blog posts that she shares with her readers every week.  Kelly is a painter.  I like to tell everyone that she is like a fairy with a paint brush, because she paints the most beautiful, delicate pieces of art.  Most of her art pieces include nautical paintings, woodland paintings, birch trees, birds, florals, and much more.

View her work here at

Thanks again, Kelly!

xo Sarah

Here are some of Kelly's paintings

My watercoloring in the process of creating Kelly's site

Little House on Holmesdale: logo + blog

Hey everyone!

I realized today that I never blog about projects that I do for clients!  Therefore - today I am purposing to blog more along my client projects.

Last week, I had the privilege of meeting an awesome girl.  Her name is Elli, and her and her bubba (Oli) and her husband reside in Perth, Australia.  Elli had come to me in need of revamping her blog.  Bless her heart... this momma and her husband's world was turned upside down when they were told their son had Cystic Fibrosis.  Time has passed, and here they are, with the most healthiest baby.  They are blessed indeed.  He's so adorable.  This blog is a place she uses to connect with other mom's in the same situation.  Her blog is informative and helpful to other mom's of children with CF, and provides a constant encouragement, as well as tips and recommendations for other mom's in need.

We were so glad to be able to start this project for her.  Elli wanted a new logo along with the process, so we started with that.  Elli and her husband recently moved to a new home, which has become their renovation project and newest family endeavor, so she eagerly wanted to include a home in her logo for her blog.  I had Elli send me a pic of her home, and had my handy husband sketch the house for me.  I scanned it and converted it to a editable file, layering it with my own watercolor splashes.  I can attach the image of the photo so you can get an insight on the similarity between the logo and the house in real life.  Miguel did a really great job at recreating it!  I finished the blog design by adding some hand painted links and a few extra fun things.  The end result was absolutely darling.  One of my favorites - by a long shot.

Thanks again for letting us into your secret spot Elli. 

x o   S A R A H

Little House on Holmesdale - house pic.jpg
Little House on Holmesdale - house pic 2.jpg

The logo we designed...

A (much delayed) Thanksgiving Recap

Hey all!

We had such a lovely thanksgiving with family this last year!  We celebrated with a small intimate gathering at my grandparents quaint cottage in the valley.  Thanksgiving is a time that I love because I get to be surrounded by family.  Aside from that, I love thanksgiving for what it gives me the chance to do every year.  Every year it is my little project to decorate the table for thanksgiving.  I love a good challenge.  Each new year I try to change the style of table.  This year it was spent at my grandmother's house, so I chose items as I scavenged the house.  Any of my family members know (if you ask them) that I will pull the most random items from around the house and incorporate them.  Many times I have my mom laughing - "Silly - where did you get that?" - but I love it... it also makes for great table conversation ;)  My grandmother requested that we use her constitution plates.  She found this awesome collection of dishware a little while back, that has many historical moments in history printed on it.  It was the perfect foundation for the table setting.  I made table markers and  tied them around the white linen napkins with a sprig of rosemary, using basic kitchen twine.  Since the plates really made a statement this year, I wanted to keep the rest of the setting very simple.  Let me tell you this - kitchen twine has worked wonders for my wrapping and tying in all my creative projects... and it's so cheap!  Go to the kitchen store and by yourself a roll of it.  I promise you will find so many ways to use it.

The arrangements for the table and sideboard in the dining room were probably my favorite part of the table this year - no, they were in fact my favorite part.  Completely.  My grandmother has this beautiful backyard with a detached garage that is covered head to toe in ivy.  I trimmed around the backyard for some sprigs to incorporate into the arrangements.  For the remainder of the arrangements, I ran to the nearest grocery store and purchased a fall bouquet to my liking and separated the stems when I got home.  The back porch was a complete, utter disaster, but it was an absolute blast.  I'll post links and images of all the information below.  Enjoy!!

xo Sarah

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