Thanksgiving 2014

Hey all!

We had such a lovely thanksgiving with family this last year!  We celebrated with a small intimate gathering at my grandparents quaint cottage in the valley.  Thanksgiving is a time that I love because I get to be surrounded by family.  Aside from that, I love thanksgiving for what it gives me the chance to do every year.  Every year it is my little project to decorate the table for thanksgiving.  I love a good challenge.  Each new year I try to change the style of table.  This year it was spent at my grandmother's house, so I chose items as I scavenged the house.  Any of my family members know (if you ask them) that I will pull the most random items from around the house and incorporate them.  Many times I have my mom laughing - "Silly - where did you get that?" - but I love it... it also makes for great table conversation ;)  My grandmother requested that we use her constitution plates.  She found this awesome collection of dishware a little while back, that has many historical moments in history printed on it.  It was the perfect foundation for the table setting.  I made table markers and  tied them around the white linen napkins with a sprig of rosemary, using basic kitchen twine.  Since the plates really made a statement this year, I wanted to keep the rest of the setting very simple.  Let me tell you this - kitchen twine has worked wonders for my wrapping and tying in all my creative projects... and it's so cheap!  Go to the kitchen store and by yourself a roll of it.  I promise you will find so many ways to use it.

The arrangements for the table and sideboard in the dining room were probably my favorite part of the table this year - no, they were in fact my favorite part.  Completely.  My grandmother has this beautiful backyard with a detached garage that is covered head to toe in ivy.  I trimmed around the backyard for some sprigs to incorporate into the arrangements.  For the remainder of the arrangements, I ran to the nearest grocery store and purchased a fall bouquet to my liking and separated the stems when I got home.  The back porch was a complete, utter disaster, but it was an absolute blast.  I'll post links and images of all the information below.  Enjoy!!

xo Sarah