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Hey everyone!

I realized today that I never blog about projects that I do for clients!  Therefore - today I am purposing to blog more along my client projects.

Last week, I had the privilege of meeting an awesome girl.  Her name is Elli, and her and her bubba (Oli) and her husband reside in Perth, Australia.  Elli had come to me in need of revamping her blog.  Bless her heart... this momma and her husband's world was turned upside down when they were told their son had Cystic Fibrosis.  Time has passed, and here they are, with the most healthiest baby.  They are blessed indeed.  He's so adorable.  This blog is a place she uses to connect with other mom's in the same situation.  Her blog is informative and helpful to other mom's of children with CF, and provides a constant encouragement, as well as tips and recommendations for other mom's in need.

We were so glad to be able to start this project for her.  Elli wanted a new logo along with the process, so we started with that.  Elli and her husband recently moved to a new home, which has become their renovation project and newest family endeavor, so she eagerly wanted to include a home in her logo for her blog.  I had Elli send me a pic of her home, and had my handy husband sketch the house for me.  I scanned it and converted it to a editable file, layering it with my own watercolor splashes.  I can attach the image of the photo so you can get an insight on the similarity between the logo and the house in real life.  Miguel did a really great job at recreating it!  I finished the blog design by adding some hand painted links and a few extra fun things.  The end result was absolutely darling.  One of my favorites - by a long shot.

Thanks again for letting us into your secret spot Elli. 

x o   S A R A H

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The logo we designed...

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