Seasons of Change

Well hey friends!  Its been a while...

I have a short break from the busyness of school, and I just wanted to hop on here and let you guys know whats been happening around the house on H street!

Miguel is doing great, and he's almost done with his Masters program.  I am super proud of that guy for pushing through while maintaining a full-time job!  I'm starting to think of possibly planning a fun, intimate gathering for his graduation in the spring.  I'll keep you updated on how that goes.  He's taking off to Alaska with his brothers for a week, which will kind of double as a graduation present as well, so i'm glad he gets to have something to look forward to next summer!

As for me, I'm still plugging away at finishing the semester.  All has been going good with classes.  I'm meeting so many wonderful, new sweet friends, and great professors that are very humble and knowledgeable, which has made this experience twice as great.  I feel very lucky.  I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. Its been hard to put away the creative stuff for a bit, and saying "no" to project offers is tough, but I remind myself often that it's only for a short time.  Overall, its been a wonderful, enriching experience!

Creative Updates:

I was beyond excited last month (October) to find out that our photoshoot we held over the summer was scheduled to be published on Wedding Chicks.  It's a huge honor, especially because I have never created anything that has been published before!  The gals we worked with were so great!  Everyone was so gifted and just all-around wonderful people!  The spirit of the whole day was just inspiring!  If you didn't get the chance to see the publication on Wedding Chicks, you can read it here. I'm dreaming up ideas for a publication next summer.  French country-inspired.  Can't wait!

The house has been quiet and busy lately, but things will be winding down soon.  As for the remainder of the season, I'm looking forward to lots of relaxation and downtime with my husband, friends and family... plenty of coffee, and indulging in delicious food and desserts, because... that's what holidays are for!  :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

xo Sarah